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March 2020
Date Draw Name
21 Mar Karunya KR-440
20 Mar Nirmal Weekly NR-165
19 Mar Karunya Plus KN-307
18 Mar Akshaya AK-437
17 Mar Sthree Sakhti SS-201
16 Mar Win-Win W-556
15 Mar Pournami RN-435
14 Mar Karunya KR-439
13 Mar Nirmal Weekly NR-164
12 Mar Karunya Plus KN-306
11 Mar Akshaya AK-436
10 Mar Sthree Sakhti SS-200
09 Mar Win-Win W-555
08 Mar Pournami RN-434
07 Mar Karunya KR-438
06 Mar Nirmal Weekly NR-163
05 Mar Karunya Plus KN-305
04 Mar Akshaya AK-435
03 Mar Sthree Sakhti SS-199
02 Mar Win-Win W-554
01 Mar Pournami RN-433
February 2020
Date Draw Name
29 Feb Karunya KR-437
28 Feb Nirmal Weekly NR-162
27 Feb Karunya Plus KN-304
26 Feb Akshaya AK-434
25 Feb Sthree Sakhti SS-198
24 Feb Win-Win W-553
23 Feb Pournami RN-432
22 Feb Karunya KR-436
21 Feb Nirmal Weekly NR-161
20 Feb Karunya Plus KN-303
19 Feb Akshaya AK-433
18 Feb Sthree Sakhti SS-197
17 Feb Win-Win W-552
16 Feb Pournami RN-431
15 Feb Karunya KR-435
14 Feb Nirmal Weekly NR-160
13 Feb Karunya Plus KN-302
12 Feb Akshaya AK-432
11 Feb Akshaya AK-432
11 Feb Sthree Sakhti SS-196
10 Feb Win-Win W-551
09 Feb Win-Win W-551
08 Feb Karunya KR-434
07 Feb Nirmal Weekly NR-159
06 Feb Karunya Plus KN-301
05 Feb Akshaya AK-431
04 Feb Sthree Sakhti SS-195
03 Feb Win-Win W-550
02 Feb Pournami RN-429
01 Feb Karunya KR-433
January 2020
Date Draw Name
31 Jan Nirmal Weekly NR-158
30 Jan Karunya Plus KN-300
29 Jan Akshaya AK-430
28 Jan Sthree Sakhti SS-194
27 Jan Win-Win W-549
26 Jan Indian Republic Day Holiday
25 Jan Karunya KR-432
24 Jan Nirmal Weekly NR-157
23 Jan Karunya Plus KN-299
22 Jan Akshaya AK-429
21 Jan Sthree Sakhti SS-193
20 Jan Win-Win W-548
19 Jan Pournami RN-427
18 Jan Karunya KR-431
17 Jan Nirmal Weekly NR-156
16 Jan Karunya Plus KN-298
15 Jan Akshaya AK-428
14 Jan Sthree Sakhti SS-192
13 Jan Win-Win W-547
12 Jan Pournami RN-426
11 Jan Karunya KR-430
10 Jan Nirmal Weekly NR-155
09 Jan Karunya Plus KN-297
08 Jan Akshaya AK-427
07 Jan Sthree Sakhti SS-191
06 Jan Win-Win W-546
05 Jan Pournami RN-425
04 Jan Karunya KR-429
03 Jan Nirmal Weekly NR-154
02 Jan Karunya Plus KN-296
01 Jan Akshaya AK-426
December 2019
Date Draw Name
31 Dec Sthree Sakhti SS-190
30 Dec Win-Win W-545
29 Dec Pournami RN-424
28 Dec Karunya KR-428
27 Dec Nirmal Weekly NR-153
26 Dec Karunya Plus KN-295
25 Dec Akshaya AK-425
24 Dec Sthree Sakhti SS-189
23 Dec Win-Win W-544
22 Dec Pournami RN-423
21 Dec Karunya KR-427
20 Dec Karunya KR-427
19 Dec Nirmal Weekly NR-152
18 Dec Akshaya AK-424
17 Dec Sthree Sakhti SS-188
16 Dec Win-Win W-543
15 Dec Pournami RN-422
14 Dec Karunya KR-426
13 Dec Nirmal Weekly NR-151
12 Dec Karunya Plus KN-294
11 Dec Akshaya AK-423
10 Dec Sthree Sakhti SS-187
09 Dec Win-Win W-542
08 Dec Pournami RN-421
07 Dec Karunya KR-425
06 Dec Nirmal Weekly NR-150
05 Dec Karunya Plus KN-293
04 Dec Akshaya AK-422
03 Dec Sthree Sakhti SS-186
02 Dec Win-Win W-541
01 Dec Pournami RN-420
November 2019
Date Draw Name
30 Nov Karunya KR-424
29 Nov Nirmal Weekly NR-149
28 Nov Karunya Plus KN-292
27 Nov Akshaya AK-421
26 Nov Sthree Sakhti SS-185
25 Nov Win-Win W-540
24 Nov Pournami RN-419
23 Nov Karunya KR-423
22 Nov Nirmal Weekly NR-148
21 Nov Karunya Plus KN-291
20 Nov Akshaya AK-420
19 Nov Sthree Sakhti SS-184
18 Nov Win-Win W-539
17 Nov Pournami RN-418
16 Nov Karunya KR-422
15 Nov Nirmal Weekly NR-147
14 Nov Karunya Plus KN-290
13 Nov Akshaya AK-419
12 Nov Sthree Sakthi SS-183
11 Nov Win-Win W-538
10 Nov Pournami RN-417
09 Nov Karunya KR-421
08 Nov Nirmal Weekly NR-146
07 Nov Karunya Plus KN-289

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